As a technology manager, you truly understand the challenging nature of the IT industry. Sometimes job stress makes it difficult to keep a friendly disposition when dealing with the team at your office. Ultimately, being a likeable leader offers many distinct advantages in addition to improved team morale.

Let’s take a closer look at how improving your likability factor at work provides a boost in productivity as well as in your own career prospects. Maybe the corner office is soon to be in your future!

Engage Your Team by Valuing Their Input and Assistance

An arrogant leader who thinks they have all the answers typically won’t get far in a constantly changing IT world. Instead, the wise managers value the opinions of their direct reports, and engage them by asking for their advice and input on a regular basis. This helps to foster the kind of collaborative office that thrives in a technology industry where Agile and DevOps remain popular.

Remember, your success as an IT manager truly depends on the professional growth and accomplishments of those you manage. Staying approachable, communicative, and even self-deprecating at times helps you more over the long run when compared to being a know-it-all.

The Importance of Communication for Success in the Technology Industry

Staying in constant communication with your team – verbally as well as through email and text – is vital in today’s technology office. Your team needs the valuable direction and feedback to ensure their tasks are completed both correctly and efficiently. Staying detached in a virtual ivory tower makes it difficult for the necessary collaboration to take hold.

If your office follows the principles of Agile and/or DevOps, this level of communication is probably a part of your daily routine. Either way, make it point to keep your entire team in the loop with as much as possible – everything from the performance of the company to their own individual efforts. Simply being likeable while communicating makes this entire process easier for everyone.

The bottom line is simple – you don’t have to be the best friend of everyone who works for you. Presenting a friendly air in the office, while making sure everyone understands their responsibilities, puts you on a direct path towards managerial success in the IT world.

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