The modern IT world thrives in an office where communication flows freely and collaboration is the order of the day. On the other hand, when one of your co-workers is condescending and egotistical, it can become difficult to keep everyone working together as one team. Ultimately, their poor attitude needn’t hamper your own productivity.

With an eye towards a copacetic office situation, here are a few tips on how to successfully deal with a difficult co-worker. Don’t let their issues sidetrack your project work.

How to Handle a Rude Comment at the Office

When a co-worker directs a rude or spiteful comment in your direction, don’t immediately lash out or retaliate. Take the time to understand why their comment bothers you. Chances are good the problem lies not with your technical abilities, but their own insecurities. It is important to keep things in perspective.

If you plan on ultimately confronting that person or speaking to your manager about the problem, consider writing their comment down as well as any relevant information, like the tone of their voice or other mannerisms. This kind of recurrent behavior may warrant disciplinary action in the future, and your boss would likely appreciate any documentation of these incidents.

Don’t Let These Issues Fester

Even if you decide not to meet with your manager about the issues with this rude co-worker, don’t let the problem fester without speaking with the person directly. If you ignore their condescension, they’ll likely just end up treating you like a doormat. It is important to show a little backbone and stand up for yourself.

Considering the collaborative nature of most technology workplaces, expect your managers to back you up, especially if the co-worker in question is rude in general while also berating others in your office. Once again, having some documentation on these issues definitely helps.

If the co-worker’s poor attitude is something masking their own insecurities, simply talk it out with them, offering to help as needed. Showing this kind of empathy puts you on a path to a technology management position later on in your career! The most important point is to not let rude comments or any similar behavior detract you and your company from focusing on your current duties.

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