Parsing through a large number of résumés lets you build a list of quality candidates for your company’s open tech position, but the view of each person on that queue remains incomplete. The interviewing process offers the best chance to find out what makes these IT professionals tick. Considering the costs involved when hiring a new employee, you need to get the final decision correct!

With making the right choice in mind, here are a few insights on what questions best shed light on a technology candidate. Leverage these ideas for the most informed hiring decision possible.

Focus on Questions That Inspire a Detailed Answer

Behavioral-type queries work well in this regard. Ask them how they reacted to a certain situation in their career – failed project, difficult co-worker, etc. – to trigger a longer discussion able to give you insights into their character.

Pay close attention to their body language when they answer. Are they fidgeting and not making eye contact? On the other hand, do they seem honest and forthright? A keen eye helps you determine whether or not they’d make a good fit on your team.

While someone’s technical ability is an important part of a successful technology career, their emotional intelligence is also vital, especially if you want to a hire a real team player. This is especially relevant in an IT era where collaborative methodologies like Agile and DevOps are in vogue.

Develop an Interviewing Plan

A key element of any plan is a common strategy and set of questions to be used by your interviewers when meeting with candidates. Include behavioral questions as well as other inquiries aimed at inspiring detailed answers.

Remind your interviewers to pay close attention to any questions asked by the interviewee. Meaningful queries help reveal a candidate’s business acumen, technical insight, in addition to the effort they spent researching your firm. Ultimately, it shows how interested they are in your open position.

Leveraging these ideas helps guarantee a quality hire when looking for technical talent!

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