Referrals from their current employees remain a great way for any technology company to handle a staffing issue. If this is the case at your office, it also provides a chance for you to earn some extra cash, assuming your company offers referral bonuses. All three parties can benefit from this transaction – employer, employee, and friend – provided a good fit is made.

If your circle of friends includes a few technology professionals, here are a few tips worth considering should you plan on referring anyone to your company. Maybe one of your closest friends is soon to be a co-worker.

Make Sure Your Friend is Qualified – Before the Referral

Before referring a friend to your company, you need to put on your recruiter hat. Talk to the manager with the staffing need and find out the technical requirements of the position along with the job duties. Are they looking for a senior IT professional or someone with only a year or two of experience?

After learning everything about the open position, talk with your friend and look over their résumé. Do you feel they have what it takes to succeed in this role with your company? Will they make a good cultural fit at your office?

Knowing these answers before making the referral is a requirement to ensure no bad will develops between you and your friend.

Set Clear Expectations With the Friend

By referring a friend for an open position at your company, you are putting your own professional reputation on the line. Make sure they understand that simple fact. In essence, you are doing them a favor.

If they are qualified for the position, but the job offer goes to another candidate, your company has no obligation to tell you the reason(s) your friend didn’t get the job. Don’t get caught in the middle between a friend and your employer. Your own career needs to come first in this situation.

Ultimately, you are only passing on information regarding your friend’s interest and availability. It is their responsibility to submit a great résumé while performing well during every interview. Don’t let your helpful gesture end up causing an awkward situation. Be sure to set clear expectations up front!

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