One constant in the technology world is its constant and rapid rate of change. New job roles grow in popularity and demand on a yearly basis, while other positions wane in their overall importance. Keeping a finger on the pulse of these changes is vital whether you are an IT manager formulating an annual staffing plan, or a tech professional contemplating a change in your career path.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the expected “hottest” jobs in the technology industry over the next decade. Leverage this information for a better insight into your own career or those of your staff.

Robotics Expected to Be a Job Creator

One technology sector predicted to be a source of new jobs both now and in the future is robotics. This includes somewhat traditional roles, like robot programmer or robotics engineer, but completely new roles are anticipated, like robot counselors and coaches. Industry analyst, Brian Solis commented on how the robust future for robotics means current professionals need to learn new skills to stay relevant.

“Every day, more jobs are becoming automated or displaced by emerging technologies in the name of progress, and it won’t stop. The massive efforts to ‘bring jobs back’ will, in hindsight, be all for naught. The real investment with the greatest return on investment (ROI) will be (and must be) in helping employees learn new skills and gain valuable expertise that apply to the jobs of the future,” said Solis.

The Impact of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

AI and machine learning (ML) are currently impacting the technology world, and their influence is only expected to grow over time. ML routines are increasingly being applied in the practice of data analysis as companies hope to wean actionable information out of the masses of Big Data they collect. Data scientists and analysts are currently leveraging ML technology as part of their job duties.

Industry analysts feel most job categories in IT – architects, analysts, programmers, etc. – will require a deep understanding of both AI and ML. In fact, the predicted job growth in technology – 57 percent over the next decade according to Forrester – is largely being driven by both nascent technologies.

The bottom line is simple: If you expect a rewarding and long-lasting technology career, familiarizing yourself with robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is a must.

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