There’s no denying the positive impact technology continues to make on business operations in a variety of industries. Even the managerial role benefits from the intelligent application of technical innovations in communications, data analysis and more. If you are looking to improve your own management skills, understanding how to successfully use technology to your and your team’s benefit is a must.

What follows are a few areas where using technology makes your job easier, your bosses happier and your career prospects brighter. In short, leverage these insights to become a better manager.

Communication Innovations Are Vital

In a technology era where Agile and DevOps are the rages, communication is more important than ever. Slack is one notable example of an innovative application facilitating interaction between a manager and their team members. For software development managers, chatbots combine text messaging with the ability to perform project-related tasks, like software builds, QA and more.

VOIP technology combining voice, texting and video conferencing is another tool making business communication an easier process. Successful managers need to know how to take advantage of these technical innovations to make their team work more efficiently and become more productive.

The Advancement of Data Management Technology

Technical advances when it comes to processing and analyzing data gives HR managers a new tool to help improve their hiring process as well as any tasks related to current employees. When it comes to recruiting quality candidates, newer HR systems rely on data analysis algorithms to help process a vast number of résumés; ultimately creating a smaller list of the most qualified persons to bring in for interviews.

Similar data management innovations throughout the tech world also make business functions beyond HR more efficient. Technology managers need to gain experience in using or implementing these kinds of systems for two major reasons. First, the overall productivity of their teams improve; and second, these added skills add some valuable heft to a manager’s résumé.

MIA (management information analytics) systems use data to track all aspects of business operations. Managers are able to wean actionable information out of that data to make a variety of business processes more efficient. Even CRM applications are evolving to take advantage of the latest data management tech – this is another area of interest for IT managers looking to take their career to a higher level.

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