Searching – and applying – for technology positions online continues to revolutionize the hiring process. You are able to streamline your efforts and reach out to IT companies with a simple click of a button on a website. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean any of those hiring managers are going to contact you about scheduling an interview.

It many cases, the emergence of the online job search simply leaves companies drowning in a sea of candidates with résumés all needing analysis. Getting back to those applicants who didn’t make the cut simply takes too much time. Let’s take a closer look at what steps you can take to get an interview and hopefully a job offer.

The Numbers Behind Any Open IT Position

If you are wondering why you didn’t hear back from a company after applying online for an open position, consider these statistics. Only 3 percent of applicants are contacted after submitting their résumés. If you think that organization’s HR team is just slacking off, they probably received around 200 résumés – the average for any online job posting.

Typically, half of those original candidates are disqualified for a technicality. Maybe there is a misspelling on their résumé, or they lack the basic technical abilities required for the position. A deeper analysis follows, with most hiring managers filtering down their list to around 20 candidates.

The HR staff – sometimes partnering with the technology managers with the hiring need – then filters that list down to around three to six candidates who are contacted for a phone screen. Finally, half of those get called in for an interview. This hopefully gives you a better understanding of why you don’t always hear back after applying for a tech job online.

How to Improve Your Chances at an IT Interview

Randomly emailing résumés to any open technology position you discover online is simply a poor strategy. Make the effort to target those positions closely matching your technical skills and experience. Personalize your email cover letter for each job describing how you are a perfect fit for the company’s need.

Finally, working with an experienced staffing agency remains the best way to get the most out of your quest for a great tech job.

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