You found the technology job of your dreams; sent the company your résumé, and they called you in for an interview. Unfortunately, despite your best intentions, you simply blew the opportunity; stumbling over answers and not really giving the organization a good impression of your capabilities. Now what?

Do you ask for a second chance or simply move on to the next IT opening that piques your interest? Here are a few insights and ideas to help you get ready for your next technology interview. A better result is likely in your future.

Get the Angst out of your System

After tanking a job interview, be sure to take some time to blow off a little steam. When doing so, however, don’t post anything about it on social media, as it reeks of unprofessionalism and might give someone in your professional network the wrong impression. A time out on the town with some close friends usually works wonders for dispelling angst and bad tidings.

Ultimately, it is important to clear your head for the next tasks at hand.

Analyze your Mistakes

After your emotions calm down a measure, take some time to analyze what went wrong during the interview. Were you simply unprepared and stumbled over remembering the details of your work history? Did you fail to come up with any meaningful questions to ask the interviewer when prompted?

The right amount of preparation is vital before any technology interview. This includes reviewing your own professional background as well as the various technology stacks you’ve used on the job. Additionally, spend some time learning more about the company in question so you can ask a well-reasoned question or two when given the opportunity.

Learning from the experience – and doing much better the next time – is an essential part of your career development.

Practice, Practice, and more Practice

Ask yourself if you spent enough time practicing before your recent blown opportunity? Practicing for your next interview gives you the best chance at earning a job offer. Find a friend or colleague willing to serve as a surrogate interviewer, using typical tech interview questions as well as a few surprises to keep you on your toes.

Sufficient time spent in practice helps improve your confidence level before the big day. Feeling confident lets you relax and focus on speaking clearly and displaying positive body language. Now, go out there and get that job!

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