Your search for a new technology job was a long and arduous process, and now you are faced with a job offer from a company where you recently interviewed. Of course, the natural response is to quickly accept their offer, especially if you currently are unemployed or stuck in a dead-end position. On the other hand, what if this company ends up being worse than your previous employers?

Here are a few reasons to think twice before accepting the first offer you receive when looking for a new role in IT. Use these insights to ensure you make the wisest choice possible.

The Salary Offer is Significantly Higher Than Expected

While it may seem counterintuitive, you really need to think twice before accepting an offer at a salary much higher than the typical pay for the position in question. Is the company trying to mask the difficult nature of the job? Perhaps you will be required to work a significant amount of uncompensated overtime?

Don’t immediately accept their offer. Take one or two days to research the company; perusing websites like Glassdoor to see if previous employees offer some insight into their company culture. Also contact anyone from your professional network who’s worked there or knows a current or former employee.

A Company with a Poor Track Record

Performing this level of research after receiving an offer is important even if the offered salary seems inline with industry standards in your area. If the company has a poor reputation and is known for an unwelcoming company culture, declining their offer is arguably the wisest choice for your career. A constant stream of poor reviews is simply a red flag you can’t afford to ignore.

Pay Extra Attention to Startups

A job offer from a startup organization requires extra consideration before acceptance. You likely won’t be able to rely on opinions from former employees, either from your network or online sources. Instead, try to learn more about the reputations of the principals and executives of the company.

Additionally, make sure your responsibilities are sharply defined, lest the day-to-day job duties turn out to be something different. There are definite advantages to working at a startup, but ask the right questions about the job before saying “yes.”

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