The emergence of the millennial generation in the IT industry has led to a host of stereotypes attempting to define common aspects of their behavior. Of course, the same practice also happens with older generations. No matter the age of the individual employee, it becomes harder to foster a positive company culture when prejudiced opinions hold sway.

Here are a few tips and insights aimed at reducing the adverse effects of generational stereotyping at your IT organization. Follow these ideas for a more productive and welcoming office environment.

Employ a Diverse Workforce

Hiring a diverse group of employees plays a key role in preventing prejudice in your office. Age or gender matters little when considering a candidate’s combination of technical ability and tangible work experience. In fact, the different perspectives offered when employing a wide range of workers help your company benefit from this era of focused collaboration in the technology world.

Implement a Fulfillment Training Program

In the business world, fulfillment training ensures employees are best aligned with their skill set. Managers are able to fully understand what makes their staff “tick,” and give them assignments to inspire their best efforts. William A. Schiemann, CEO of Metrus Institute, a research organization specializing in human resources, better explains the practice.

“Help managers and employees develop skills needed to increase fulfillment, which will align and energize people across many different walks of life. In a restaurant chain that we diagnosed a few years ago, we found that great managers were deeply familiar with their people – who had a sick parent, needed a schedule to work around school, or was dealing with work-life balance issues,” said Schiemann.

Role Play to Help Understand Different Perspectives

In many cases, being forced to see things through the eyes of someone with a different background or set of experiences helps to truly understand their perspective. Schiemann feels the use of role playing offers a way to diffuse the effects of stereotypes at the workplace. Including these kinds of activities as part of a diversity training program boosts the level of camaraderie at your IT office.

According to Schiemann, role playing highlights how quickly assumptions are made and how often they’re actually not true. He also summarizes that always treating your employees as individuals is a must.

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