Nobody wants to deal with a long and arduous technology job search. These hassles become exacerbated if you are unemployed or itching to get out of a dead-end position. The sooner you can find a challenging role in a forward-looking IT company, the sooner your career gets back on an upwards path.

With a successful – and fast – job hunt in mind, here are a few tips and insights to help speed up the process. Soon you’ll be in the high tech position of your dreams. Good luck in your efforts!

Always keep your Résumé up to Date

Even if you are happily employed with no plans on looking for a new IT position, you need to be prepared – just in case. This includes always keeping your résumé updated, both whatever’s saved in your word processor as well as any online versions, including your LinkedIn account. This removes one important step from your task list if circumstances ever warrant finding a new job immediately.

Additionally, take a similar approach for any templates you use when personalizing cover letters – an important touch when applying to interesting companies.

Develop a Job Search Plan – and stick to it!

Before beginning your job search, you need to create a plan to guide you through the entire process. Deciding whether or not you’d be willing to relocate for a new position is an important first step in any plan. That choice influences the creation of a list of 10-12 companies you want to contact.

If you already haven’t, reach out to those companies online by following their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and liking their Facebook page. In fact, these two steps are something you can do even when happily employed. Ultimately, this level of preparation ensures the process goes as quickly as possible when the job search begins and you start applying for positions.

Work with an Experienced Technology Recruiter

A career-long partnership with an experienced recruiter specializing in the IT field gives you the best opportunity to find a new job quickly whenever the need arises. They are even likely able to inform you about a new position with a great company before the general public finds out. In short, a top notch recruiter offers the best shot at a fast technology job search.

If you are interested in partnering with a technical recruiter, look no further than the talented team at Strategic IT Staffing. As one of the leading high tech employment agencies on the West Coast, we can help keep your career on a path to lifelong success. Connect with us at your earliest convenience.

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