Salesforce remains one of the leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications in the IT industry. Technology professionals experienced in the application enjoy copious job opportunities all over the country. One sign of its continued popularity is the availability of numerous certification programs for tech pros hoping to further their education and enhance their résumé.

Ultimately, this leads to a simple question: does earning a Salesforce certification makes sense for your career? Let’s dive into the details to help you make the right decision. Good luck in whatever you decide.

Are you a Recent Technology Graduate?

If you are a recent technology graduate looking for a sense of direction in your nascent IT career, taking a few Salesforce training courses with an eye towards earning a certification makes sense. When combined with an excellent record in school – potentially including some Salesforce experience in an internship – it shows potential employers you are ready to make a difference for their organization. This same line of reasoning applies to graduates with associate degrees as well as bachelors.

Current IT Professionals Already Experienced in Salesforce

Tech pros with a measure of Salesforce experience also benefit from taking the time to become certified. If you plan on looking for a new position in this role, understand that many employers now require a Salesforce certification from any candidate interested in applying. So, if you want the most opportunities when starting a job search, becoming certified is a must, even if you boast loads of experience with the CRM.

Remember that Salesforce is a rich framework, with a host of different credentials – architects, administrators, developers, etc. – based on your technology role. As you reach higher levels of certification, the benefits to your career only increase. They provide a great opportunity to position yourself for a rewarding professional life.

In short, you need to make yourself desirable to employers, especially when specializing in a specific technology sphere like Salesforce. Becoming certified – and earning more certifications as your career grows – is simply a smart call. If your current employer offers tuition reimbursement benefits, definitely take advantage of this perk to earn as many Salesforce certifications as possible.  

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