Providing meaningful feedback to your technology staff is an important part of building the right company culture and boosting your overall productivity. Employee evaluations remain a key part of ensuring your entire team understands what they are doing right and where improvements are necessary. Since evaluations take up the valuable time of the company’s staff and managers, it is important to make them as useful as possible.

With getting the most out of the organization’s employee evaluations in mind, here are a few ideas for improving their efficacy. Leverage these insights to ensure your team members get the feedback they need to improve their careers and the company’s bottom line.

Well-defined Goals and Accurate Metrics are Helpful

Make sure to give your employees meaningful goals for the performance review period. This rule applies whether the period is yearly, quarterly, or monthly. This gives the employee something tangible to achieve while adding a measure of credibility to the evaluation process.

Speaking of that last point, base most of their goals on items able to be tracked using accurate metrics – fewer code defects, faster Agile sprints, etc. Consider the acquisition of a reporting tool to give your managers the data they need for the evaluation process. Measuring performance is an essential part of conducting valuable employee reviews.

An Annual Review isn’t the Time for Bad Surprises

If you notice anyone on your staff not pulling their weight over the year, it is important to handle the issue as quickly as possible. Waiting for an annual review to communicate the issue is simply poor management. Consider a more granular evaluation process – monthly or quarterly reviews – to ensure your employees get the feedback they need as quickly as possible.

Open Communication is a Must

Your managers need to be direct when conducting employee evaluations; this is no time to dance around any difficult issues when it comes to performance. Engage the employee in an open discussion instead of dryly restating the contents of their evaluation form. Encourage them to offer their own feedback on their managers and the company’s operations, as this can be a great source for new ideas and insights.

Ultimately, use the evaluation to inspire them into giving their best effort to benefit their career and your organization.

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