When embarking on a job search in the technology industry, it is absolutely vital to stay active and engaged. Passive candidates, on the other hand, will likely miss out on the best job opportunities. In short, you need to treat an IT job search like a full-time job, which means if you are already employed, expect to work some overtime!

Let’s take a closer look at why active candidates are at an advantage when searching for a high tech job, and a few tips to keep it that way. Good luck in your efforts!

Active Candidates don’t miss finding out about Great Technology Jobs

If you aren’t perusing job ads on a daily basis – no matter their source – you probably are going to miss out on a potential dream job. Even though the economy continues to improve, the competition is fierce for many of the top IT positions. Companies tend to be picky when it comes to these top of the line jobs, and only the active candidates stand a chance of earning an interview and potentially a job offer.

Optimize the Online Version of your Résumé for SEO

Make the effort to keep your résumé updated at all times, but especially when searching for a new IT position. Leverage the use of keywords to help those recruiters and companies who are looking for candidates. Spend time researching what technology keywords are currently popular to improve your chances of getting discovered.

Additionally, ensure there isn’t any unprofessional or embarrassing content on any of your social network accounts, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, pay close attention to your privacy settings on these networks.

Companies are Interested in hiring Active Candidates

In the past, companies were attracted to passive candidates, assuming these skilled workers, satisfied with their current positions, offered the stability and talent, making a great, long-serving employee. Over time, the tables have turned; as a recent survey noted 85 percent companies now feel the active candidates are the ones worthy of recruitment. Passive candidates are more expensive to recruit, while their active brethren tend to be open to change – an important attribute to possess in a constantly changing technology world.

The survey also noted that active candidates are more driven to succeed. If this sounds like you, ramp up your job search efforts to ensure the top companies in the industry are able to find and hire you.

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