Whenever your technology organization begins its hiring process, with an eye on finding a few worthy employees to join the team, it is vital your HR staff understands what qualities are important when it comes to candidates. Sure, technical abilities and tangible work experience are paramount, but the person also needs to fit your office culture. Considering the costs incurred when searching for talent, this is one decision your team needs to get right!

Here are a few ideas on what attributes are most important in an IT candidate. Leverage these insights to ensure your team makes the right hire.

A Technical Skill Set relevant to your Company

Any candidate worth bringing in for an interview needs to possess the right technology skills. Sure, it helps if those abilities are up to date, but even more importantly, they need to be in areas relevant to your company’s operations. Being the best C# programmer in the region isn’t a help if your business doesn’t use the .NET Framework for software development.

Be sure to leverage a few technology questions – or even a separate technical interview – to sufficiently vet a candidate’s experience against what’s on their résumé. Also, consider offering a quick technical test as part of a second interview. Checking with their references – especially those who previously supervised the candidate – is another essential way to ensure your potential new hire has the skills needed in your office.

Business Acumen is also Important

In this era of Agile and DevOps, it helps if your technology staff truly understands the underlying business of your company. Ask a few pointed questions during the interview to check the candidate’s affinity for business concepts. Any accomplishments detailed in the work history section of their résumé offer another glimpse into their business knowledge.

An IT Candidate that fits within the Company Culture

It is vital for the chosen candidate to make a good cultural fit with your organization. The previously noted expenses of the hiring process put the onus on your company to retain its employees. Bringing someone aboard who possesses great technical skills, a keen business mind, and gets along with the rest of the team is essential.

Work with the rest of your HR team to come up with a profile of the ideal candidate to ultimately ensure a successful hiring process.

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