A well-crafted resume plays an important role in your quest for a great technology job. Considering a hiring manager probably hears from upwards of 100 candidates whenever they post an open position, your CV really needs to stand out from the pack. This includes a listing of your technical skills as well as the tangible experience you gained using that skill set for previous employers.

With a successful IT job search in mind, here are a few ideas on how to ensure your resume boasts the right amount of relevant experience to attract the eyes of hiring managers. Soon a technology dream job will be yours!

Employers want to hire Candidates with Tangible IT Experience

Any potential employer is likely interested in seeing the positive impact you’ve made throughout your work history. As such, the professional experience section of your resume needs to include the tangible accomplishments you achieved. Use numbers and figures to make your case, while also highlighting this data in a fashion that draws the notice of the person reviewing your candidacy.

For example, if your idea to streamline the software development process at a previous job led to a higher number of deployed builds over a year, explain that accomplishment in detail. A potential employer probably wants to explore this data point more closely, so be prepared to explain your steps during the interview.

The Professional History Section needs to be Clear and Detailed

Remember, a typical HR person only takes around a minute or two to give your resume an initial look. You need to walk a fine line between making the experience section of your CV easy to read, while also detailing the relevant experience sure to attract interest from employers. Work with your recruiter to ensure your resume design meets both needs.

Leverage the Use of Technical Keywords

If you used popular programming languages, project methodologies, and tools to make a difference earlier in your career, make sure to include that information as keywords on your resume. This helps recruiters and hiring managers find you online more easily. Use keywords to detail your technical abilities in a separate list of bullet points as well as within the work history section.

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