There’s no denying the continued influence the millennial generation plays on the overall business world – and the technology industry is no exception. Successfully integrating these younger workers into your IT office is an essential duty of your managerial team. In a tech world where collaboration is more important than ever – DevOps being the current rage – a copacetic team is a productive team.

Here are a few ideas on how to ensure your millennial workers become productive as quickly as possible. Soon, the company’s efficiency will reach even higher levels.

Let them share Responsibility with the Rest of the Team

While stereotyping a generation of workers is rarely a sound strategy, many studies indicate millennials possess a desire for leadership. Give them a chance to share in some of the responsibilities of the office. If the company follows Agile or a similar methodology, letting them lead a daily standup meeting provides an easy way to dip their toes in the managerial waters.

Jay Coldren of EDITION offers an example approach for an office or restaurant able to be modified for a tech company. “Make one small team of employees responsible for handling the ordering and stocking and determination of par levels of the office supplies. In a restaurant, a small team can be made responsible for ordering the wines, while others are deputized to handle the stocking and ordering of the serviceware, and so forth. Offering up such areas of micro-responsibility will keep your new workers engaged outside of the normal scope of their day,” said Coldren.

Foster a Positive Work/Life Balance

Millennials desire a balance between their personal and professional lives, as do your other workers. Offering flexible schedules and the ability to telecommute is a great idea to boost employee morale and ultimately your company’s retention rate. A hard-working office is the goal, not a burned out and overworked staff.

Inspire them by being a Socially Responsible Company

A company philosophy that includes social responsibility offers something to inspire your younger workers as well as those from older generations. Organizational ethics also needs to be a focus of your managerial team. This kind of leadership is vital for building a top-notch company culture able to easily integrate new hires.

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