In a technology industry where change is the rule and not the exception, understanding these shifts is vital for any IT professional, especially those considering a new position. What were must-have technical skills five to ten years ago are likely to be yesterday’s news in the current market. An understanding of the most relevant tech abilities is an essential part of building a successful career.

With that keen level of understanding in mind, here is a look at what technology skills are currently in-demand at the top companies in the business. Leverage these insights to ensure your career growth trends upward in 2018 and beyond.

Software Developers with Full Stack Experience

The days of the lone wolf coder in the IT industry are over. Today’s in-demand software engineer needs a mixture of abilities as well as experience with multiple languages and frameworks. Exposure to DevOps, data analytics, QA, and business analysis is a definite plus.

Versatile Project Management Talent

Project managers work in the trenches keeping the IT industry moving forward. As such, PMs with experience with various Agile frameworks in addition to DevOps remain in-demand at companies of all sizes. Manager candidates need to boast a strong ability to communicate both verbally and with the written word, as well as exceptional time management and people skills.

Cybersecurity Experience is Beyond Desirable

As hacking incidents hit the news on a weekly basis, IT companies are searching near and far for IT professionals with cybersecurity experience. This is an area where the talent shortage is especially high, and salaries for these information security pros are also trending higher. Consider switching careers to move into this area if interested.

Network Engineering remains a Hot Skill

As more companies outsource their IT infrastructure to Cloud-based providers, it has created a demand for network administrators and engineers at the businesses offering these services. Experience with media streaming in addition to the ubiquitous DevOps and cybersecurity is a plus.

The Growing Need for UI/UX Designers

User interface and user experience professionals are worth their weight in gold throughout the IT industry. No matter the application or platform, talented UI/UX engineers play a lead role in making the end-user’s experience as seamless and intuitive as possible. Don’t expect a downturn in the need for these IT pros anytime soon.


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