Considering the rapid rate of change in the technology world, it is important your employees get the right training and education to keep them at the forefront of the industry. Organizations that suffer from a technical skills gap lose the ability to compete in this market. AI and machine learning offer a chance to ensure your staff gets the chance to improve their skills in a more efficient manner than ever before.

Let’s take a closer look at the impacts artificial intelligence is making in the process of education. Leverage these insights to build a team the envy of your competition.

AI complimenting the Educational Process

AI and machine learning routines are already revolutionizing the classroom in all types of education, including professional training courses. Typically, these algorithms use data mining techniques to help find any gaps in student understanding, assisting the educator in formulating the right coursework to ensure the material is grasped as quickly as possible. These same concepts apply in both classroom and online coursework.

Additionally, students struggling with the material are quickly identified, while the AI system makes suggestions on how to improve their retention of the course’s overall concepts. Being able to tailor the educational process based on the individual student is a key to making it more efficient. Machine learning and data mining are playing a vital role in this improvement.

Data is the Key

Companies in the education space are relying on the data generated from student-teacher interaction. Third Space Learning is one such organization analyzing those massive amounts of data to provide real-time feedback to both educators and students. Company founder, Tom Hooper, commented on this process.

“If we can aim to shape the performance of the teacher — the teacher being the significant input into a student’s learning — then you’re creating something truly powerful,” said Hooper.

AI Tutors help the Learning Process

AI-based tutors are another innovation aimed at facilitating the learning of difficult technical material. Your employees interact with an online course that presents the core material of a class while tracking their responses to a variety of test questions that change based on how well they are picking up the concepts. This interactive tutor is able to guide the student to ensure they understand the material in a more efficient manner.

Ultimately, your organization benefits from employees with the current knowledge to be successful in an ever-changing technology landscape.

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