Continuing education remains an important part of anyone’s technology career. If you let your skills stagnate, over time it becomes difficult to gain meaningful employment. Earning an IT certification offers you either a chance to learn a new ability or to show competency in something you already know. In both cases, they add some extra heft to your résumé, which is valuable when it comes time to look for a new position.

With an informed decision on your professional growth in mind, here are a few ideas on whether it is wise to earn one or more technical certifications. Leverage these insights to make the right decision for your career path. Good luck!

Technology Leadership notes the Positive Impact of Certifications

CIOs and other IT managers are beginning to take note of the tangible value provided by technology certifications. A recent study by Global Knowledge, an IT training company, surveyed leaders within the industry to gauge their opinions on the worth of certifications. Ultimately, they are good for their employees’ career growth as well as the overall productivity of the organization.

According to the Global Knowledge survey, 44 percent of those surveyed noted their workers with certifications were able to work more efficiently. 39 percent felt hiring certified candidates sufficiently closed a skills gap in their office. In short, ensuring their IT team includes certified technical professionals is simply good for their business.

Certified Technical Professionals command Higher Salaries

In addition to helping companies reach higher levels of productivity, IT certifications also benefit technology professionals when it comes to compensation levels. Certified professionals in North American on average earn $8,400 per year than their non-certified counterparts. This is essentially an 11.4 percent raise, and an excellent reason to consider adding one or more technical certifications to your résumé.

If you still think becoming certified is a waste of your time, offering no real benefits to your career, consider the fact that 80 percent of all IT professionals are certified in at least one area. When it comes time to look for a new position, this is the competition hoping to get called in for an interview, eventually resulting in a job offer. Simply put, becoming certified in your areas of expertise is the smart choice for your career growth.

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