It seems like a new hacking incident hits the news on a daily basis. Yahoo, Equifax, Anthem and others being the victims of cybercrime makes the issue one of paramount importance throughout the technology industry. Your organization needs to take the right steps to ensure its technical infrastructure remains secure against the scourge of hackers.

Let’s take a closer look at the changing face of information security in this era of increased vigilance against all forms of cybercrime. Perhaps you may glean a measure of insight to help your company protect its assets from hackers?

Business Concern about Hackers on the Rise

KeyBank recently surveyed owners and executives of medium-sized companies to gauge their concern about cybercrime and to see what steps they are taking to protect their business and their customers. 57 percent of those firms reported being very concerned about protecting the confidential data of their clients and customers. Mobile cybersecurity and payment fraud are two other areas of worry, as noted by 54 percent and 49 percent of those surveyed, respectively.

The businesses in the KeyBank study are taking a variety of steps to protect their technical assets from cybercrime. This includes nearly 60 percent using some form anti-malware and anti-virus protection, while 53 percent require the use of strong passwords when accessing company accounts. 28 percent of the surveyed companies leverage social engineering techniques as another means to keep hackers out of their infrastructure.

Confidence that their Data remains Protected

Even as concern about cybercrime increases at the surveyed businesses, 72 percent still feel confident they are making the right moves to ensure their company’s data stays protected. These organizations need to remain vigilant, as cybercriminals are constantly figuring out ways to break the array of tools currently in use for information security in the business world. Ransomware is especially nefarious, as it largely relies on spoofing employees with a phishing email.

Software companies who actually produce anti-virus tools are also a target of hackers, as evidenced by the recent attack on Avast and the build process for their CCleaner application. Users who installed the anti-malware software unknowingly created a backdoor giving hackers access to their system. Businesses need to stay abreast of the latest techniques being used by cybercriminals to keep their data as safe as possible!

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