After a few years of working in the technology industry, with increasing levels of success and responsibility, you are ready to take the next step. Unfortunately, companies typically don’t hand out a spot in the corner office as a gift on your ten-year work anniversary. Becoming a technology executive requires talent, initiative, extremely hard work, persistence, and a track record of success.

If you want to take your IT career to its highest level possible, here are a few tips to ensure you stay on the right path. Leverage these insights to become a director, CIO, or even higher.

Success in a Technology Manager Role

Before any company would consider you for an executive position, your résumé needs to display a progressive level of responsibility, including significant tangible successes in a managerial role. Be sure your CV includes many examples of the positive impact you made for previous employers. Be prepared to speak to these successes during the gauntlet of an executive interview.

Simply put, a sterling track record of leadership within the IT world is a must!

Earn an Advanced Degree

While not a stone cold requirement, holding at least a masters degree is generally a prerequisite to be considered for an IT executive position. While a Masters in your technical specialty is commendable, combining an undergraduate degree with an MBA really attracts companies looking for leadership talent. Being able to mix strong technical knowledge with the business acumen fostered through your education and professional experience will help get you a chance at an executive role.

Become a Thought Leader in the Industry

Leverage your exemplary verbal and written communications skills to truly display your technology thought leadership. Publish a blog related to your field and post your articles on LinkedIn and other social media networks. Giving presentations at industry conferences and trade shows is another smart call.

Thought leadership helps get you noticed by companies hoping to add to their executive team. You may even be approached by investors looking to fund a startup. If you are uncomfortable with public speaking, join a local Toastmasters chapter to hone your skills, as it is a near necessity for any technology executive role.

Speak with your IT recruiter for any additional insights on the requirements for an executive job search.

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