The current wave of cybercrime affecting the business world in addition to consumers requires companies to up their cybersecurity skills. Because of this cold, hard truth, information security professionals remain high in-demand throughout the industry. Finding, hiring, and retaining this vital IT talent needs to be the focus of any organization with an exposure to hackers.

With making the right IT security hire in mind, take heed of this skills list before looking for candidates. Let an influx of fresh talent help protect your company’s data assets.

Experience with the Latest Security Tools

Hackers change their methodologies on a regular basis, and IT personnel need to keep up. Therefore, finding candidates with experience with state of the art security tools must be your goal. This includes the latest Security Information and Event Management (SEIM) tools.

“These tools are great in that they give you a fifty-thousand-foot view of your network and infrastructure landscape, but also let you look very granularly at incidents so you can identify problem areas,” said James Stanger, senior director of product development at CompTIA.

Security Analysis

Being able to make sense of the massive amounts of data generated by SEIM and other information security tools parallels the skill set of a data analyst. Candidates with the analytical chops to find patterns within the data help identify security holes and predict where the next incursion may happen. Keep this skill in mind when vetting IT security professionals.

DevOps, DevSecOps, and Automation

DevOps continues to revolutionize the software development process. In fact, information security considerations introduced a new methodology – DevSecOps – to the IT world. The top info security candidates boast experience in both, while also being familiar with the latest in automated tools that help detect when malware or other security issues infect the build process.

Don’t forget the Importance of Soft Skills

The modern technology world thrives on strong communication and a collaborative spirit. It’s one of the major reasons businesses of all sizes use DevOps to build software faster and more securely. As such, the top information security professionals in the industry possess exemplary soft skills, including verbal and written communication, leadership, and keen business smarts. Make sure your hiring team vets candidates in these abilities as much as their technical chops!

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