One truism about a career in the technology field states that your learning never really ends. Considering the rapid rate of change in the industry, IT pros need to constantly learn new skills lest they encounter difficulty when trying to find meaningful work. In short, you need to make the effort to grow as a professional, both technically and from a business acumen standpoint.

With a lifelong tech career in mind, here are five hot tech skills worth learning to add some breadth to your resume. Only stop your growth as a professional when you retire!

Data Security and Governance

Data remains the lifeblood of the technology industry. Keeping this valuable information secure requires IT pros experienced in information security as well as data governance. A recent survey of technology managers noted that 26 percent expect to hire someone with this skill set over the next year.

Cloud-based Services

Companies continue to offload their technical infrastructures to Cloud-based service providers. This migration created a robust market for IT pros experienced in the variety of “as a Service” (SaaS, IaaS, etc.) product offerings. Consider adding this skill set to your repertoire for a chance at more job opportunities.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

As organizations try to wean actionable information out of the masses of Big Data they need technology professionals experienced in business intelligence and data analytics. A combination of database design, SQL programming chops, and business acumen helps you get an interview. Experience with the latest BI tools just might result in a job offer.

Web Development still Relevant

Businesses still want to hire professionals experienced in web development. Extra points if you boast experience in front-end development, including CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. The ability to build web UIs for mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, etc. –boosts your chances of finding work.

Project Managers make IT go

Nearly all technical initiatives stand a better chance of success when led by a talented project manager. These tech pros require a unique mix of aptitudes, including technical chops, strong communication abilities, and people skills. Exposure to projects using a variety of methodologies, especially newer ones like Agile and DevOps, plays a large role in the success of your job search.

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