Fostering a positive company culture plays a big role in hiring and retaining the best technical workers. This rule especially applies to those employees from the millennial generation. One way to keep employee morale at its highest involves meaningful perks, including the ability to telecommute.

Let’s take a closer look why working from home matters in the overall happiness of IT workers. Perhaps these insights lead to instituting – or keeping – the policy at your company? Expect a higher retention rate as a result.

Don’t make the Same Mistakes as these IT Giants

A few years ago, Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer and IBM’s Ginny Rometti famously revoked their companies’ telecommuting policies. Both organizations arguably suffered for these mistakes as smaller tech firms continued to innovate by finding new ways to collaborate remotely. Yahoo’s poor operational efficiency after Mayer’s edict serves as a warning to other companies considering the telecommuting question.

Remote working – when done properly – allows for a high level of interaction between coworkers while also keeping employees happy. Vip Sandhir, CEO, and founder of employee engagement platform HighGround feels the practice belongs in the wheelhouse of any progressive tech company.

“The traditional 9-to-5 in an office is a thing of the past. A flexible work environment — whether it’s the option to [have] flex time, work from home occasionally or become a remote worker altogether — is one of the biggest draws for employees in the modern age. For companies that value their employees, want increased engagement and productivity and want to retain workers — and, don’t we all? — stripping away remote rights completely is a huge mistake,” said Sandhir.

Today’s Tech Work wants Flexibility

Ultimately, the modern technology worker understands the tools that allow remote collaboration. They also want a meaningful balance between their personal and professional lives. Companies hoping to retain their most talented employees need to take these factors into account when it comes to their telecommuting policies.

Allowing remote working also greatly expands the talent pool available to your business. Expect this trend to only increase as more IT employees get used to working from home. They likely won’t want to return to office life anytime soon!

In short, a telecommuting policy is now an essential part of being a modern IT organization.

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