Artificial intelligence (AI) provides a host of benefits to the business world. This largely occurs at the enterprise level, but increasingly smaller and medium-sized firms also reap the rewards of AI and related technologies, like machine learning. In fact, the leveraging of these tech innovations serve as a competitive differentiator between organizations.

If your company hopes to join the others using AI in their business operations, check out this high-level overview of an implementation strategy worthy of further consideration.

Upfront Analysis Work is a Must

Before introducing AI to a business, companies need to spend some time on “human intelligence.” Work with your managerial team to analyze what systems and processes benefit from the application of AI or machine learning. Understanding the business value to be gained from AI helps your team properly plan for its implementation.

Creating a Road Map for Artificial Intelligence

Once your company understands how the benefits of AI apply to your company, the planning process begins. Create a roadmap illustrating at a high-level how a rollout would happen and where business value is generated. This is a key part of getting buy-in from the executive team and other relevant stakeholders.

Just like with any other company-wide technology initiative – see DevOps – starting off with a pilot project helps achieve a simple win. Consider bringing on some tech talent with AI experience to close any skills gap on your staff. Start the full rollout once any lessons learned get analyzed.

Hire Experienced AI Professionals (and train your Current Staff)

Your chances of success with a company-wide implementation of artificial intelligence depend on having the right talent in place. We already mentioned hiring someone experienced with AI for the pilot project. This applies to both technical specialists and project managers with a history of successful implementations.

The pilot project provides a great opportunity for your staff to get some hands-on exposure with technology pros already experienced in AI, cognitive computing, and machine learning. In addition to increasing your staff with the right talent, make sure to offer meaningful training to get the highest return on your AI investment. Patience needs to be the focus as your staff learns how to take advantage of the new technology.

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