Any IT professional needs an understanding of what technology roles the best companies in the industry hope to fill. These hottest jobs change from year to year, but knowing the shifting sands of the profession helps you better manage your career path. Remember, what technical organizations need today likely changes within a few years or even sooner.

Check out this list of the hottest IT jobs in the current market. Perhaps it serves as an inspiration to keep your tech career trending upwards until your retirement day?

AI and Machine Learning Engineers

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow in importance across the technology world. Everything from self-driving cars to medical image analysis benefits from AI and its offshoot, machine learning. Engineers trained and experienced in this area demand high pay and enjoy a copious amount of job prospects.

“Today there is a huge demand for AI and deep learning related work with very limited supply, and the pay is extremely good — in fact, overpaid sometimes,” commented Subbu Rama, CEO of Bitfusion.

Information Security Analyst

It seems a new story about a hacking incident hits the newswire every week. With more consumers relying on eCommerce for their shopping, companies need to step up their game when it comes to cybersecurity. Therefore, tech firms continue to hire information security analysts – if and when they find worthy candidates.

When considering a change in your career path, IT security looks to be a lucrative area to explore.

Cloud Engineer

Companies of all sizes continue to offload their technical assets to Cloud-based service providers. They enjoy cost certainty, higher profit margins, and the ability to focus on their core business operations. Network engineers experienced in the Cloud remain in-demand across the industry.

Data Scientist

As businesses try to make sense of the massive amounts of data they store, they increasingly rely on data scientists to lead the way. These technology professionals typically hold an advanced degree and boast skills in database design, math, and a keen business sense. As such, they command salaries ranging well into the six-figures.

“All developer roles are in high demand, but there is especially high demand for data scientists. Every company is looking to leverage data and analytics to improve their business and they need individuals who are experts at solving complex data questions,” said Jill Witty, vice president of talent at Entelo.

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