Your company going through the effort to fully implement a new ERP system puts the firm on a path to higher productivity. Now it comes time to optimize the ROI on the organization’s IT expenditure. The best corporate software in the world offers little process improvement all by itself.

Let’s take a closer look at a few ideas for getting the most out of your business’s new investment in an ERP system. Hopefully, these insights lead to robust operational efficiency and ultimately a higher bottom line. Good luck in your efforts!

Continuous Process Improvement needs to be the Goal

Company-wide software applications, like an ERP system, provide the most benefit when they foster process improvement across the entire organization. Pay close attention to the metrics generated by the system’s reporting module. This offers a great opportunity to identify operational areas needing extra attention.

Continuous improvement remains the Holy Grail for businesses of a certain size. An ERP system provides the means to achieve this goal. This process becomes easier when a company appoints a dedicated team to take advantage of the new system to drive higher efficiencies across the entire organization.

For smaller companies, an ad-hoc approach to fostering continuous improvement likely makes more sense. The extra resources probably aren’t available for a full-time effort towards this goal. Nonetheless, working towards a more efficient organization needs to be a focus no matter the company size.

This team – whatever its form – also needs to keep an eye on regulatory and compliance changes related to the ERP. Another important – and obvious – task involves finding ways to cut costs and improve profitability. Everything we’ve discussed so far is a key part of generating a significant ROI on the ERP system.

System Maintenance is also Important

Don’t forget to ensure a system is in place for maintenance of the new ERP system and related applications. Either an in-house team or using a managed service provider suffice, provided the work gets done. This becomes extra important considering the regulatory and compliance demands mentioned earlier, in addition to keeping the system secure from cybersecurity risks.

Ultimately, an organization needs to consider these points before analyzing what ERP system to purchase. It remains the best way to get the biggest boost in both productivity and profitability.

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