With a new year rapidly approaching, it becomes a good time to take stock of the overall technology world. Understanding the hottest trends helps position your career (or even your company) for the right amount of growth and development in 2018. In a rapidly changing industry, it also helps give a sense of direction and purpose.

What follows are some of the trends expected to impact the IT industry over the next 12 months. Perhaps they offer an idea or two on some new skills to add to your technical toolbox. Remember – a technology career means your learning never stops!

DevOps becomes an Industry Standard for Software Development

As companies hope to make their software development more efficient, more continue to embrace DevOps. It largely relies on transforming organizations to become more collaborative, but innovative tools – many of them automated – also play an important role. Reaching continuous deployment is a typical goal for most businesses leveraging DevOps.

Technology professionals, especially project managers, need to learn as much as possible about this methodology. The chances of encountering it in your career are very good – and only getting better!

The Growing Importance of Cybersecurity (and its Skills Gap)

The rise in eCommerce and other Internet-based activities – especially the IoT – make an attractive target for hackers and other cybercriminals. Businesses in a variety of industries struggle to protect their technical assets from these nefarious agents. Investment in cybersecurity is expected to become a big competitive differentiator over the next few years.

This growth created a huge increase in demand for IT professionals experienced in information security. Symantec predicts 1.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2019. Consider moving into this area for an extra boost to your career prospects.

5G Mobile Technology enters the Business World

Mobile technology allows businesses to become more productive; largely by letting employees (and Internet-enabled devices) access work from remote locations. Formerly the stuff of the laboratory, 5G mobile tech is finally predicted to begin making inroads in a variety of industries in 2018. If you currently work in IoT technologies, expect this innovation to impact how you do your job.

The millions of new devices accessing the Internet also raise the stakes for professionals working in cybersecurity. Expect opportunities to also grow for IT pros experienced in network engineering.

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