Artificial intelligence (AI) remains one of the most impactful trends in the technology world. Industries from healthcare to finance leverage AI and related tech, like machine learning, largely to help find that proverbial needle in a haystack. In fact, it’s a similar scenario as trying to recruit a great candidate to fill your company’s open tech position.

Naturally, it stands to reason AI also offers benefits to the hiring process. Let’s look more closely at how it is revolutionizing the world of recruiting. Maybe AI helps you find your company’s next great hire?

Helping Companies find that Perfect Fit

Consider when the HR department at a company advertises an open IT position and gets bombarded with hundreds of résumés. This HR team struggles to properly vet each candidate, and qualified people simply fall through the cracks. In a similar manner as a business intelligence application, AI, powered by machine learning algorithms, helps find the best candidates out of the pile.

Just like with the other industries benefitting from AI, this innovation allows recruiters and HR personnel to become more efficient. Filling a staffing need as quickly as possible also helps businesses keep their productivity levels high. In addition, onboarding great hires who fit in serves to improve the organizational retention rate. In short, the business becomes a finely tuned machine!

How Machine Learning improves Recruiting

Summer Husband, senior director of data science at Randstad Sourceright, offered some insight into the data used by the machine learning routines to help recruiters find the best candidates.

“We take data on jobs we’ve filled for clients in the past, how long those took, how many candidates, open roles, information about the company as well as job market data from sources like the BLS and CareerBuilder, for instance, to find out how all of those things impact the ‘survival rate’ of our open jobs. We’re obviously flipping the script because we want our open jobs to die quickly, but the process is the same,” said Husband.

Reverse engineering previously successful hires also helps improve the data analysis routines used to determine whether a candidate makes a great fit for the company in question. The matching algorithms get customized for individual businesses improving the efficacy of the entire process. Ultimately, the recruiting process sees improvement all because of AI and good data.

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