Hire for Personality

When you’re looking to hire someone for a certain position, of course you want a candidate who is well qualified for the job, with the right proficiencies to perform the responsibilities of the position. During the hiring process, you may come across candidates with the wrong proficiencies — but high potential to be a great employee. Should you hire someone who isn’t necessarily qualified for the job you’re trying to fill, just because they have a great personality?

Hiring high-potential candidates can be an advantage for your business, even if they’re not right for a certain position. Here’s why you should keep an eye out for candidates with potential during your hiring process, and why hiring for personality can benefit you.

Strengthen your human resources

High potential candidates are those with the qualities, work ethics, and personalities that align with your company’s goals and workplace culture. If you have two candidates — one with all the right proficiencies whose personality suggests potential problems or a poor cultural fit, and one who’s not as qualified but has the traits and the drive to flourish in your company — you’re better off hiring the latter. Skills can be learned, but it’s difficult to change a personality.

If you interview candidates who have high potential to become superior performers, but wouldn’t fit the open position they’re interviewing for, it can be beneficial to hire them for another position within the company — or even to create a position for them. This allows you to retain top talent you’ve already discovered, without having to go through the expense and hassle of the hiring process again when the need arises.

Get proactive in the talent war

With the human resource factor becoming more crucial to the success of a business, every company wants to hire top talent. And the fight to attract and retain talent will only get more heated as the baby boomer generation continues to retire. In fact, it’s estimated that 75 million people will be leaving the workforce over the next few years, and there will be only 45 million to replace them. This doesn’t necessarily mean that unemployment will decrease — rather, there will be a shortage of employees with the necessary skills to fill the positions vacated by baby boomers.

Discovering high-potential candidates during your hiring process can give you a competitive edge in the talent wars. When you find candidates with great personalities who’ll make a perfect fit with your workplace culture, it’s to your advantage to hold onto them before another company snatches them up.

So during your next round of hiring, look beyond the candidates’ proficiencies and watch for those with standout personalities. Your company will be well positioned to thrive in an increasingly competitive business environment when you have great people working for you. If you want to learn more about this, contact the staffing and recruiting experts at Strategic IT Staffing today!Want more info Request it here

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