You’ve made it past the application process and the phone interview, but now you’re facing something scary: the group interview. Many candidates can shine on their own, but it’s often difficult to stand out in a group of other qualified interviewees. Are you nervous about your big day? Don’t be! These tips will help you become the all-star of the interview process, whether your group is large or small.

1. Interact with both applicants and interviewers.

You may be tempted to focus your attention solely on the interviewer. This can actually be a mistake. Instead, respectfully interact with other interviewees, as well. During group discussions or casual downtime, respond to their thoughts and make polite conversation. This will not only display your strong interpersonal skills, but it will illustrate your ability to professionally brainstorm with others.

2. Don’t ramble.

If you feel the urge to give long, detailed answers to the interviewer’s questions, resist this urge. It actually reflects better on you as a candidate if you keep your answers brief and succinct. Some interviewees may try to steal the spotlight by talking as long as possible, but this actually limits your ability to give a well-thought-out response to the given question. It isn’t the length of your comment that matters, but how well it addresses the question or scenario at hand.

3. Surprise them.

The idea that your answers should be short and sweet may seem counter-intuitive if your end goal is to stand out of the crowd. The secret is to surprise the interviewers with the quality of your answers, rather than the length of them. Make sure you’ve thoroughly researched the company and the work it does, and use this knowledge to answer each question insightfully. Your initiative will not go unnoticed.

4. Pay attention to your body language.

If you’re nervous or uncomfortable, you may begin to slouch or display other negative body language, such as crossed arms or a lack of eye contact. This can be very telling to an interviewer, particularly if you’re displaying avoidant behaviors. You should also make a point of making eye contact with your fellow interviewees, particularly if the position is a supervisory role. So remember to pay attention to your body language, because your interviewers certainly are.


If you practice these four interview tips, you’ll be able to stand out as an individual in a group interview. While these types of interviews are often stressful for candidates, you can gain confidence in knowing that you’re well prepared for anything that comes your way. By paying attention to how you interact with others, including your body language, and choosing your answers carefully, you can easily out-perform others during your group interview.


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