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Working in tech is one of the few industries that combines passion with a high salary, but many IT specialists are finding that the stress of the job is eating away at their love of what they do. For those who have devoted years of work in addition to years spent developing necessary skills, this can be a huge blow. Do you feel like stress is affecting the way you feel about your work? Here are a few ways you can combat those feelings and protect your love of tech.

Think about why you’re stressed.

If your work is stressing you out, chances are it’s for a good reason. Many IT professionals find that they’re stressed because they’re pushing themselves to achieve new goals, or because they’re working on a particularly challenging project. This can be a good thing! If you focus on the end result of your hard work and think positively, it will make your current stress levels seem more worthwhile. Of course, you should always take some time to yourself if you feel that you’re getting overwhelmed.

Mix things up.

If taking a vacation or break simply isn’t in the cards, you can always change how you’re doing things. For many professionals, repetition and the lack of a challenge can kill your passion just as easily as stress. Relieve both by changing the way you do things. Experiment with new ways of working, whether you’d like to try to establish a new team structure or development cycle, or you’d simply like to take a more creative approach to your work. Don’t be afraid to take risks, and don’t find yourself stuck in the monotony of office life.

Get back in touch with what you love most.

If you seem to be losing your love of all things IT, remind yourself of what you love about it. Attend a local hackathon or tech conference and expose yourself to new people and new ideas. Read coding magazines, try online and in-person workshops, or start your own blog about your specific area of expertise. By digging deeper into what caused you to fall in love with the industry to begin with, you increase your chances of rekindling that old flame.

Connect with others in your industry.

While you’re out there, you can always take the time to network with other IT professionals. Whether this happens at conferences or coffee shops, branching out your social circle can help rekindle your love of tech. Check sites like for social gatherings of like-minded techies, and you’ll no doubt find yourself excited about your work once again.

If you think stress is killing your love of IT, don’t simply sit back and let it happen. Do something about it! You’ll be able to hang on to one of your favorite hobbies, and improve your performance and satisfaction in a job you’ve always loved.



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