With each passing generation, the workplace changes. From technology to a company’s dress code, expectations change as tenured workers retire and fresh-faced college graduates take their places. As this gradual shift occurs, managers are often left with a variety of questions about how to interact with this new workforce. One of the biggest concerns is how millennial workers can be motivated to perform well, and love their place of work.

Surprisingly, money isn’t the answer. A high salary isn’t actually the first priority of Gen-Y workers. Instead, they prefer regular and consistent feedback and advice, opportunities for professional development, and a passion for the work they do. Do you have what it takes to motivate your millennial employees?

Valuable Mentorship Relationships

Unlike other generations, younger workers actually need regular feedback to feel secure in their positions. From quarterly or annual reviews to more informal advice sessions, these employees crave a sense of direction in the work.

A great way of establishing this is through facilitating workplace mentorship program. By partnering newer, Gen-Y, workers with members of senior staff, you give them the opportunity to learn and develop their skills on a personal level. This constant source of encouragement and constructive criticism will motivate your staff to work harder and more efficiently.

Opportunities for Growth

Gen-Y employees are more likely to experience restlessness in stand-still jobs. If they feel they’ve reached a dead end, or that their position isn’t challenging them enough, they’ll likely move on to greener pastures. If you work for a small organization and there isn’t much room for upward mobility, you can always make it possible for employees to move laterally between departments and further develop their abilities and experience.

You don’t simply have to make promotions available to millennial staff; you should also take the opportunity to provide them with training, workshops, and a personal stipend for developing their professional skills. If these employees feel that you’re invested in their future, they’re more likely to be invested in your company’s as well.

Passion in the Workplace

Millennials want to love what they do. This, unfortunately, can be rather difficult in most industries. But even if the work is rather dull, you can create an engaging company culture that allows your staff to truly love their jobs. Allow them to take a vital role in the company by listening to their ideas and suggestions. Plan company retreats or luncheons. Make time for relaxation and stress relief during the workday.

There are a variety of ways you can motivate your millennial workers to love their jobs and perform well as a result. By providing thoughtful feedback and facilitating their growth, you can brand yourself as a great company to work for, and increase your productivity overall. These methods will not only appeal to newer workers, but to your more seasoned staff as well, creating a healthy, thriving company environment.



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