If you’re indecisive by nature, nothing is as frustrating and time-consuming as the job search. If the job isn’t perfect in every way, you’re likely to hesitate in the hopes that something better will come along. This, however, can actually hurt your job search. Indecision often results in lost time and can cause you to miss out on valuable opportunities. Here’s how you can stop uncertainty from affecting your job hunt.

Don’t Aim for Perfection

Professionals are often encouraged to look for their “dream job,” but this advice isn’t always practical. Your dream job may not be the next place you work, but your next job may well be a stepping stone to your ideal career. So instead of trying to find the perfect position, focus instead on the positive. What do you like about the position or the company you’ll be working for? What do you dislike? Determine what’s most important to you, and as your interviewing, measure how each opening stacks up to your expectations.

Think About Your Future

Even if the position is just a stepping stone, it can have a ripple effect on your professional career. How will the company and the job title look on your resume? Is it on track with your career path, or does it simply meet your temporary financial needs? Before you make a decision, you must consider how it will affect you in both the present and the future. Don’t simply think about how it will affect your career, but how it may change you as a person — whether that’s for the better or for the worst.

Accept the Outcome

No matter how much consideration you put into a new position, at least once in your career you will make the wrong decision. Accept that the job may not be what you expected, and it may not be a good fit for you. But even with this in mind, you can’t allow this possibility to impact your ability to take action. Realize that there’s just as much chance that your new position will be highly rewarding and beneficial to your future career.


The job you choose has the potential to affect who you are as a person and the path your career may take in the future. This pressure can be stressful during the job search, and can intimidate many candidates into indecision. By realizing that perfection is unrealistic and considering every element of the new position’s impact on your career, you can make the right decision without stressing yourself out. No matter what, accept that action must be taken, whether you accept the position or turn it down. Don’t let uncertainty stop you from making your final decision.


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