In many ways, millennials are leading the way in the tech industry. On one hand, they’re the leading consumer driving its progress, and on the other, they’re among the most talented candidates in the field. But given the shortage of talent in the IT industry, it’s a candidate-driven job market and hiring managers are forced to find new ways to attract qualified applicants to their company. Rather than simply opting for a casual dress code and free pizza on Fridays (though these bonuses can’t hurt), here are a few other ways you can attracted those talented candidates.

Pay Them Well

With a wealth of online resources at their disposal, millennials know when their salary is under market value. Pay them at or above the average for your area, and offer incentives to motivate them along the way. Studies have shown that almost half of Gen-Yers consider wages to be a driving force behind their decision to go with a particular company. So if you want to find (and keep) talented millennials, make sure you’re paying them what they’re worth. If you don’t, someone else will.

Look Forward

This generation is also highly concerned with their future in a company. If they feel that they’ve reached a dead end in their position, or that their career has come to a standstill, they’re more likely to move on from your organization and pursue other opportunities. So as your interviewing candidates, make sure they’re aware of the possibilities for growth within your company. Reassure them that you promote from within, or mention professional development training or budgets if you have them. You can also establish a mentorship program to help new hires feel connected and that they have access to career advice as they grow with your organization.

Be Social

Before a candidate even decides to apply, they’ve likely already began researching your company online. Do a quick search of your organization. What do you see? Is your website up-to-date and mobile-friendly? Are you active on social media platforms, including LinkedIn? Studies have shown that millennials are more likely to feel connected to a company if they have opportunities to engage with it online — and they’re more likely to display loyalty down the line.

There are many ways you can attract talented millennials to your organization, so as you develop your recruiting strategy, be sure to consider what’s important to this tech-savvy generation. They want to feel connected, invested, and appreciated in their position. By incorporating these desires within your company culture, you can make a more attractive offer to highly talented candidates. But don’t simply make empty promises during the interview process; commit to developing your Gen-Y talent and you’ll be more likely to retain them as they develop their careers.


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