As an IT professional, you’re well aware that a lot of what you do can become lost in translation when discussing work with colleagues in other departments. Trivial tasks like resetting passwords or setting up a voicemail pin may seem more complicated than they actually are, while the very same co-workers underestimate the true complexity of many other IT processes.

While this can be very frustrating to deal with, IT specialists must learn to live with this all-too-common mindset — and even use it for their benefit. Here’s how you can keep making hard tasks look easy, and how that can actually help you in the workplace.

Create a Ticketing Process

You likely already have a detailed ticketing system in place, but do you have a process for how you gather more information on these tickets? This is actually a very important step in your process, and it can both help you understand the request and reassure the requester of your abilities.

In your information gathering stage, ask questions about their thought process behind the request. What functionality are they hoping to achieve? Who will be using the new feature, and what will it be used for? This step will ensure that you’re fully informed, and the requester will feel that you truly understand the nature of what they’re looking for.

Once you’ve asked your questions, add your notes to the ticket or send them directly to the requester so that your colleagues can get a good look at the full scope of the request. If they have any edits or additions, they can send them to you before you begin the work.

Keep Your Colleagues Updated

The trick of making hard things look easy is to never tell your colleagues about the bumps in the road. They don’t need to know about database errors or the inevitable bugs that will pop up during your QA process. You should, however, keep them updated with your progress through status or deadline updates as you go. These updates should be general in nature, but enough that they understand how much of the project is complete.

Along the way, they may ask for changes or new features that can add significantly to your workload. If this happens, give them a realistic deadline without expounding on the complexity of what they’re asking for. After all, by making what you do seem easy, your colleagues will have greater confidence in your abilities as an IT professional and will be more comfortable sending requests as a result. So do yourself and your colleagues a favor and make hard things look easy at work.

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