Identifying talent in the upper ranks of your organization is an important part of developing your workforce. In order to keep your company competitive, you must promote those with the most potential to succeed. However, in IT this can include a variety of factors and skill sets, both technical and interpersonal. This guide is designed to help you identify key traits of talented professionals in the IT industry, allowing you to focus your attention and resources on the most qualified managers.

They take advantage of opportunities to develop their skills.

True talent is determined not only by the manager’s technical skills, but also by their ability to learn and improve on these skills. This is particularly vital given the nature of the IT industry. Their field is constantly growing and expanding, and to stay relevant in this challenging industry, IT managers must stay abreast of these new developments. Offer a professional development budget or skill training opportunities to your staff, and pay close attention to which managers take advantage of this.

They have a positive impact on those around them.

Not all talented IT managers will be extroverts, so looking for traits like assertiveness and outgoingness may prove ineffective. Rather, you should look at the impact they have on those who work with them. Are they a source of stress for their co-workers, or are they empathetic and motivational when interacting with others? It often isn’t extroversion that displays good leadership qualities, but the ability to connect with others on a meaningful level. These managers are not only good leaders, but they increase the efficiency of their staff and reduce their stress in the workplace.

Their performance matches their potential.

A manager can have all the talent in the world, but without a drive to perform, this talent is meaningless. So while you’re measuring their talent, pay close attention to their performance as well. Do they meet deadlines? Is the quality of their work consistent? Additionally, pay close attention to how engaged they are with the company culture and its mission. This can be a strong indicator of their passion for what you do, as well as how successful a future they have with your organization.

Talent can be a multifaceted subject in the IT industry. The most talented managers will possess a variety of interpersonal and technical skills that allow them to compete in this quickly growing field. However, the most talented of your managerial staff will possess these three qualities. By identifying talent in your staff, you’ll be poised to promote the best candidate for your upper-level position.

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